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About Us

Clothing with a Kiss/CWAK

Our company was started by a breast cancer survivor.  We design lingerie and apparel to help women restore their passion and confidence, and to feel sexy again.  One of our breast cancer survivor model said "CWAK lingerie has helped me embrace my new body".

The women on this website are all breast cancer survivors.  They are not professional models, they are just like many other survivors out there.  They often struggle with self-esteem issues, how they don't feel pretty or sexy anymore, and difficulty finding lingerie to fit their new bodies.

Imagine wearing fun and comfortable lingerie, knowing that your scars or if you have no breast is covered, and you look sexy and fabulous!  The lingerie fabric is stretchy, soft, sheer and looks great on many body types.

We love what we do.  We love seeing the transformation of so many women when they put on our lingerie.

Thanks for visiting our website.  Happy shopping!


Heather Joie - Owner/Founder

Heather JoieI am a breast cancer survivor.  Here is my story and the journey that brought me to starting Clothing with a Kiss, LLC.

In late 2002 I moved to Florida to start a new job.  I was single and I had no family nearby.  Three months later I had a lumpectomy and was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer.  The doctor was confident that they got the cancer.  Within a week my entire left-side of body was severly brusied.  I went for a second opinion; the bruising was a result of a bad surgery, and my breast was still full of cancer.

I had two more lumpectomies, then a mastectomy, removal of lymph nodes, and an implant.  I started chemotherapy treatments. After all the surgeries, my breast did not look right.  I had so much scar tissue after the four surgeries, my breast was severely disfigured.

I survived months of chemotherapy, loss of my hair, emergency room visits, and a new left breast.  I worked full-time, made new friends, and my mom moved to Florida.  I joined a running group and trained for a marathon while having chemo, and tried to look at the positive of everything.  I truly believe that my attitude helped me through one of the scariest times of my life. When I was told that I had cancer, I thought about dying. Then I thought about all that I was thankful for, and if I was going to die, then I wanted to at least leave this world happy.

Chemo came and went. My hair grew back.  I ran that marathon three months after my last chemo, got involved with cancer organizations and met some amazing women along the way. My left breast still looked disfigured. Many of the other survivors I met lamented a loss of their femininity, of not feeling sexy, being embarrassed, getting undressed in the dark, wearing frumpy tops, and not being able to find sexy nightgowns to wear with their partners. I struggled with the same issues.

I thought about when I was told that I had cancer and all that came with that news.......my fear of dying, my new hair, my new breast, and the best part.....being here today to appreciate all those parts and the things that make me smile and laugh. I am happy that my purpose now is to create incredibly sexy, fun lingerie for me and for all of my breast cancer survivor friends ......to restore passion and confidence.

Cheers! Heather