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CWAK Endorsed Businessess


These women are all breast cancer survivors who have started their own business as an outcome of getting cancer. 

CWAK is pleased to be a supporter of these courageous individuals.  We hope that you will show your support by purchasing their goods or services.  100% of the sales goes directly to them.


Beth Brown Fidalgo »
My name is Beth Fidalgo. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, former elementary teacher, and a grandmother. Three years ago, my life changed in an instant. I found a lump! I freaked out! My cancer was ER +, PR+, and HER2+. On my 55th birthday, I had a double mastectomy. I think the worst part was losing my hair. I did not have reconstruction right away.

After I finished chemo I found an amazing plastic surgeon; she has a heart and cares. She changed my life. I did not know how depressed I had become looking at those ugly scars.

I am so lucky that my husband has been by my side all through this journey.

I started my jewelry business to help pay for my medical expenses. I am disabled and not able to have a "normal" job. I turned a new hobby into a way that I could help pay these medical bills off.

I love making beautiful pieces of jewelry for others. I have ready-made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings but I love custom orders also. Most of my pieces are one of a kind but many times I can recreate it again with a little variation.

Breast Cancer Healing Path »
Hi my name is Linda Layman. On November 14, 2012, I heard the words no woman wants to hear...you have breast cancer. I live my passion every day helping others live their dreams as a Life Transformation Coach. I have coached healthcare executives, leaders in the banking and financial planning industry, as well as other professionals. I have helped clients from Australia to Canada overcome their limitations and achieve their dreams. My mission now is to take everything I have learned about our mind, the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws and not only heal my body, but help women all around the world understand how to heal their body too! Join me and other women as we walk our healing path by going to www.breastcancerhealingpath.com. No woman should ever feel she is alone on her journey!

KellyPhotography »
My name is Kelly. Working too many hours, dealing with so much stress, that's corporate America.  In June 2009 I had a wake-up call. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was devastated. It was that moment when I decided my job and breast cancer wasn't going to steal any joy from my life. I left my job, enrolled in photography classes shortly after my bi-literal mastectomy.

Photography became my passion, my new business, my life. I don't photograph subjects or scenes; I photograph the way they make me feel. It's honest - and it's the best way to describe my approach to expressing art. I'm a kid at heart and enjoy making people smile and laugh. My camera is my constant companion. I enjoy quality time with my husband Scott and have found a great balance by incorporating his hobby of flying remote control helicopters with my love of capturing motion photography.  If I could take one lesson I've learned from being a breast cancer survivor is that life is too short to not love what you are doing every day.

I take pride in my work; my 70-300mm lens is always attached to one of my cameras; I'm in love with the sky, the moon, sunsets, and clouds; I make sure lip gloss is in every camera bag I own; and I love living in flip flops, tank tops, and putting my toes in the sand!

Sunkissed Creations »
My name is Angela. I am a wife, a mother to a toddler, and a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at the age of 29, and now at 33 I am battling breast cancer again. I had a double mastectomy in June of 2013. To help my family financially, I make custom made jewelry. I find inspiration from the beach and with my creativity, I make the jewelry. I find it very empowering when having to deal with the negativitiy cancer creates. Please visit my Facebook Page of Sunkissed Creations. - See more here »


Truly Therapeutic Bodywork »